July 5 2018  |  Cabin Maintenance

QantasLink unveils turboprop aircraft upgrades

By Rachel Debling

A new grey and charcoal color palate is one of the upgrades in QantasLink's fleet

On June 26, the first upgraded Q300 turboprop aircraft of QantasLink, Qantas' regional brand, embarked on its inaugural flight, complete with a newly upgraded cabin featuring ergonomic seat cushioning and leather upholstery, holders for tablets and new floor colorings, all in a new grey and charcoal color palate.

The airline's entire turbocraft fleet of 45 Q200, Q300 and Q400 aircraft is slated to be updated by the end of 2019. According to stats from the airline, each aircraft takes approximately 10 days to complete, thanks to the efforts of 13 engineers and staff working on each aircraft.

QantasLink's CEO, John Gissing, said in a statement from the airline: “Our turboprop aircraft are a significant part of our network and we’re committed to investing in product and service for regional Australia.

“We look forward to welcoming our regional travellers onboard our upgraded turboprop aircraft and offering them a better inflight experience.”

The airline’s updated Kangaroo logo is displayed on the first upgraded Q300 aircraft, which has been named "Birdsville" as part of an initiative promoting destinations around regional Australia.

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