Cabin Maintenance

October 5 2021

ABC International's one-stop shop

ABC International positions itself as more than a cabin branding specialist, with a new Chief Commercial Officer at its head

By Jane Hobson

September 15 2021

AIX Virtual: Whither the interiors…

At AIX Virtual, a group of panelists mull the forces shaping retrofit and line-fit projections

By Rick Lundstrom

September 10 2021

Collins launches UV cabin hygiene…

Technology developed by Boeing

By Rick Lundstrom

September 1 2021

SEKISUI KYDEX launches new website

"A journey of discovery" takes visitors through the company's many capabilities

By Rick Lundstrom

July 9 2021

Video Clip: The cabin hygiene clean…

An update on what’s moving in cabin hygiene and passenger perception

By Jane Hobson

June 16 2021

Jamco America expanding abilities

Jamco is tooling up new capabilities in several areas

By Rick Lundstrom

June 8 2021

Celeste introduces quick-dry carpet…

Cleaner is dense foaming, low moisture and dries rapidly

By Jane Hobson

May 25 2021

​ACS addresses hygiene in the cabin

AVIC Cabin Systems announces hygiene-focused cabin innovations

By Rick Lundstrom

April 28 2021

​Cobalt Aerospace wins Queens Awards…

One five businesses this year with a double honor

By Rick Lundstrom

April 28 2021

ANA lavs to get hands-free doors

Twenty-one aircraft will get modification starting May 1

By Rick Lundstrom

April 27 2021

Panasonic and partner tackle dent…

Company is working with 8tree at LAX, LHR and SYD

By Rick Lundstrom

April 23 2021

Satair and Airdal sign agreement…

Coating solution protected by antimicrobial agent

By Jane Hobson

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