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October 18 2021

Sustainable Aero Lab selects first…

Lab serves as a think tank to discuss, share and navigate sustainability developments in commercial aviation

By Rick Lundstrom

October 14 2021

ABC International announces Rodolfo…

Previously held position at Geven SpA

By Jane Hobson

October 7 2021

Air Dolomiti renews interior with…

Air Dolomiti takes more seats from Geven

By Jayson Koblun

October 5 2021

ABC International's one-stop shop

ABC International positions itself as more than a cabin branding specialist, with a new Chief Commercial Officer at its head

By Jane Hobson

September 21 2021

Air China takes Recaro Business…

Air China is launch customer for Recaro’s CL6720

By Rick Lundstrom

September 17 2021

Qatar Airways taps Recaro for Economy…

Twenty shipsets of the CL3810 to be installed on A321neo fleet starting 2022

By Jane Hobson

September 15 2021

Recaro opens new complex in Germany

New space includes a crash facility, flame lab, customer service production area and offices

By Rick Lundstrom

September 15 2021

AIX Virtual: Whither the interiors…

At AIX Virtual, a group of panelists mull the forces shaping retrofit and line-fit projections

By Rick Lundstrom

September 10 2021

Collins launches UV cabin hygiene…

Technology developed by Boeing

By Rick Lundstrom

September 9 2021

Geven and PriestmanGoode in their…

Two companies with their design fingerprints on airline cabins around the world are collaborating on the next generation…

By Rick Lundstrom

September 9 2021

Recaro weighs in

Q&A with Markus Höllerer, Head of Strategy and Products at Recaro Aircraft Seating

By Rick Lundstrom

September 1 2021

SEKISUI KYDEX launches new website

"A journey of discovery" takes visitors through the company's many capabilities

By Rick Lundstrom

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