July 31 2014  |  Airline & Terminal News

MFM is next opening for Plaza Premium Lounge

By Rick Lundstrom

The new Plaza Premium Lounge in Macau will seat 135 people

Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited today announced the upcoming opening of their premiere lounge at Macau International Airport.

The new 4,340 square feet lounge has 135 seats and is the only independent airport lounge at MFM. Healthy yet tasty food options and complimentary wireless Internet are a few of the features. A dedicated resting area allows travelers to relax before boarding to their next destination.

The new Plaza Premium Lounge is equipped with two VIP rooms with elegant interior settings and a quality sound proof system. In addition, Plaza Premium Lounge will also host a meet and greet service, to give travelers a seamless curb-to-apron experience at MFM.

In the coming months, more VIP rooms will be introduced as well as an exclusive landside-in airside-out channel to guests of Plaza Premium Lounge.

"Your journey starts at the airport, and the introduction of our lounge means that travellers can look forward to their time at Macau International Airport,” said Plaza Premium Lounge Management Limited Founder and CEO Song Hoi-see. “Our lounge in Macau will definitely bring a whole new level of comfort and convenience to travelers."

The lounge was designed by Kinney Chan & Associates of Hong Kong. Plaza Premium Lounge actively studies travelers' needs in each location, continuously innovating their services to cater to guests from around the world.

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