January 6 2014  |  Airline & Terminal News

Fly Fit products now at AMS and soon on two airlines

By Rick Lundstrom


There are nine Grab & Fly outlets at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam

Fly Fit vitamin shots, drinks and bars are now on sale at all nine Grab & Fly shops in Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and will soon be aboard additional airlines.

“Feedback is overwhelming,” said the Boudewijn van Eeghen of the Netherlands based company.

In October, Fly Fit won a new customer in Singapore Airlines, which selected its nutritional cranberry bars. A selection of the company’s products, including the vitamin boosters and direct to mouth products, will  be available for sale Saudi Arabian Airlines and available in the airline's first and business class lounges.  Also on March 1, Eva Air will serving the company's bars on the meal tray.

The Fly Fit line includes a number of airline solutions ranging from snack boxes to fillers for amenity kits. All are designed to reduce the affects of jet lag and fatigue. Fly Fit has also supplies hotels in Europe and the United States. 

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