November 27 2013  |  Airline & Terminal News

Frankfurt Airport transforms terminals into Christmas markets

By Tanya Filippelli

Frankfurt Airport has decorated its terminals, filled its retail outlets with Christmas goods and will introduce a team of ‘Santa Clauses’ to entertain travelers in December.

The airport’s departure halls and piers have been festively decorated and new Christmas shopping leaflets in five languages introduced to help guide passengers looking for Christmas presents around the airport’s more than 300 shops and service outlets, located before and after its security checkpoints.

The stores have been stocked with Christmas products and decorated to create a ‘Christmas market’ atmosphere for travellers. Outlets will remain open until 6:00 pm on Christmas Eve for any last minute shopping.

The 'Santa Clauses' will be carrying red sacks filled with sweet treats for young travelers and handing out free gingerbread cookies to passengers and visitors.

An organ grinder will provide musical entertainment throughout Frankfurt’s terminal piers and transit areas. A Lufthansa choir called Angels on Air will also be performing.

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