April 24 2013  |  Airline & Terminal News

United to query suppliers on environmental practices

By Rick Lundstrom

The hundreds of companies that supply products to United Airlines will be surveyed sometime in the future, about their environmental practices as part of the carrier’s Sustainable Supply Chain (SSC) program launched last week.

Next year, United will seek to establish targets for improvement and will communicate expectations to its many suppliers.United will be seeking input from suppliers and will be querying them on their environmental practices

Mary Ryan, a spokesperson for United Airlines told PAX International that the airline wants to ensure that suppliers are compliant with relevant environmental laws and regulations and wants gain feedback from them as well.

“We are also focused on getting insights from many of our strategic supply partners – organizations with which we have broad, longstanding and mission-critical relationships,” she added.

“We will not only incorporate environmental considerations into our purchasing decisions, but will also seek to identify opportunities to collaborate with our suppliers to improve the environmental profile of the products and services we use,” said Jimmy Samartzis, United Managing Director of Global Environmental Affairs and Sustainability, in the April 18 announcement of the SSC program.

In the future, United plans to integrate environmentally focused questions into the Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

“Through the implementation of the SSC program, United will evaluate whether the use of its suppliers’ products or services would reduce the airline’s impact on the environment,” said the release from United.

United Airlines participates in the United Nations Global Compact that encourages signatories to promote environmental practices throughout its supply chain. United has a program called Ecoskies that that outlines some of the airline’s commitments to environmental sustainability. 

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