January 9 2013  |  Airline & Terminal News

First remodeled 777 flies for Austrian Airlines

By Rick Lundstrom

The first Austrian Airlines long-haul 777 aircraft to feature the carrier’s completely remodeled long-haul cabin was scheduled to embark on its maiden flight January 9 from Vienna to Malé, capital of the Maldives.

Passengers in Economy Class on long-haul flights will have the opportunity to enjoy an entirely new level of seating comfort. In Business Class, the full-flat seats have a built-in massage function, and extra storage space.New levels of comfort on Austrian Airlines

The new cabin in the 777 seats 260 passengers in Economy Class section and 48 in Business Class. An all-new inflight entertainment system is part of the package.

“And as before, the award-winning Do&Co service, with its inflight chef feature, will be provided for passengers’ culinary pleasure,” said a release from Austrian Airlines.

“Comfort and service are the top priorities at Austrian Airlines,” said Austrian Airlines CCO Karsten Benz. “With this new long-haul cabin, we are offering a product perfectly harmonized with the wishes of our customers. We have invested over 90 million euros in our aircraft to achieve this.”

Austrian Airlines is converting its entire long-haul fleet, which consists of four 777s and six 767s. Approximately 1.1 million customers travel long haul with Austrian Airlines on 5,500 flights each year. 

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