December 4 2017  |  Inflight Entertainment

easyJet introduces Immfly digital platform

By Rachel Debling

Passengers will be able to order food service on the new easyJet platform by Immfly

Air Time, a digital platform developed by Barcelona-based Immfly, launched on five easyJet aircraft November 30. The service will be available on flights to more than 90 destinations, such as London, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Rome and Madrid.

Available in five languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian and German), the Air Time platform provides easyJet passengers with personalized entertainment options to their own devices, including tablets, laptops and smartphones.

Japanese electronics and internet company Rakuten will be sponsoring this onboard digital platform, which will deliver numerous sources of entertainment – from films, TV series, games and kids programs to newspapers, magazines, language courses and destination guides. FOX Non-Theatrical, Euronews and other media outlets will be among the brands providing content to Air Time, and travelers can unwind to popular series and movies like Modern Family and The Revenant.

Air Time also offers language lessons, which were developed in partnership with uTalk and allow passengers to hone their conversational skills in more than 80 languages.

Air Time also provides customers with a digital catalog called “Bistro & Boutique” where they can purchase meals, snacks and refreshments and window shop for popular products, like fragrances and cosmetics, in flight.

With more and more travelers bringing their own Wi-Fi-capable entertainment devices on board, this partnership is only natural for both easyJet and Immfly. “We specialize in maximizing revenue and engagement opportunities through wireless on-board connectivity, increasingly supported by success stories that are relevant to the airlines we collaborate with," said Jimmy Martínez von Korff, co-founder of Immfly, in the November 30 release. "Today we allow easyJet to provide a complete on-board digital services platform based on exciting content and online shopping possibilities, offering a fully integrated platform with leading brands and their services."

Andrew Middleton, easyJet's Ancillary Revenue Director, commented in the same release: “Air Time will allow us for the first time to offer customers in-flight entertainment in a way that replicates how they consume their media at home. We are delighted to be collaborating with other innovative partners, such as Rakuten who will help us curate engaging content, and Immfly who are providing the unique easyJet portal with a dedicated customer support team, ensuring that easyJet crew are able to continue conducting an excellent standard of safety-focused service and on-board hospitality.”

Arjen Van de Vall, President Rakuten Europe, agreed. “We are confident Rakuten can bring strong value and create a high-quality showcase of its services through the on-board Immfly platform offering a best in class user experience,” Van de Vall added in a statement.

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