November 30 2017  |  Tech & Hardware

Bluebox system on Japan regional's 737s

By Rick Lundstrom

Japanese regional carrier Solaseed Air Inc., has deployed Bluebox Aviation Systems' portable wireless IFE system - Bluebox Wow - across its fleet of 737-800s.The Bluebox WOW system can provide 15 hours of content to 50 passengers

Bluebox Wow provides wireless content streamed to passenger devices in any aircraft cabin, offering up to 1.6TB of content including film, TV, audio, games and other digital media. The system is designed to support advertising, inflight shopping, and payment processing options for generating ancillary revenue, whether the IFE service itself is offered as a free or for a charge. Bluebox Wow is a discrete, portable, lunchbox-sized unit. Stowed in overhead lockers, each box's single swappable and rechargeable battery offers 15 hours of streamed content to 50 passengers.

"We're honoured that Solaseed Air has selected Bluebox Aviation Systems as a partner in the development of their new IFE service," said Kevin Clark, Chief Executive Officer, Bluebox Aviation Systems Ltd. "IFE is evolving rapidly - no longer is it just a service to entertain passengers, but a channel for revenue generation, an important factor for any regional or low-cost carriers, which has not traditionally offered IFE."

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