September 21 2017  |  Tech & Hardware

Bluebox iPad-based platform entertaining Suriname-bound passengers

By Rick Lundstrom

Surinam Airways has deployed Bluebox Aviation System's Bluebox Ai in-flight entertainment (IFE) system on its trans-Atlantic route between Amsterdam and Paramaribo.

Today, both companies celebrate three months of successful performance and positive customer feedback.

"With Bluebox IFE deployed at every seat on our A340, we're providing the in-flight entertainment our customers said they wanted on board our flights across the Atlantic," said Robbi B. Lachmising, President and CEO, Surinam Airways. "The problem we faced was that it can be costly, and challenging from an engineering perspective, to deploy new technology in older aircraft. But with Bluebox we found a solution that was both easy to deploy and easy for our passengers to use. We're loving the performance, and our passengers are loving the service."

"Bluebox Ai is approved to provide early window content and is a high-quality platform that's much easier to deploy at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems," said David Brown, Business Development Director, Bluebox Aviation Systems Ltd. "The excited social media response to Surinam Airways' initial announcement about the new Bluebox IFE system was evidence of how eager passengers were for high-quality IFE on long-haul services. We're thrilled that after three months, Bluebox Ai has proven it delivers that to Surinam Airways' passengers."

Surinam Airways has deployed more than 400 Bluebox Ai IFE iPads loaded with films, music and news to every passenger aboard its A340 flying between Amsterdam to Paramaribo - a 9.5-hour route across the Atlantic to Suriname. 


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