May 19 2017  |  Lighting

PPG, Vision Systems to develop aircraft window shading applications

By Rick Lundstrom

PPG and Vision Systems have reached a commercial agreement to work together on new applications using Vision Systems’ electronically dimmable window shading solutions for aircraft.At a display Vision Systems’ electronically dimmable window shadings are: Nicolas Laurent, left, Vision Systems Aeronautics Sales Director, and Brent Wright, PPG Global Business Director for Aerospace Transparencies

“The agreement provides a framework for PPG and Vision Systems to pursue opportunities in commercial, regional, military and general aviation applications that capitalize on each company’s expertise,” said a release from PPG.

PPG has supplied electrochromic window shading systems for commercial aircraft and ground vehicles since 2007. Vision Systems, based near Lyon, France, is an established supplier of aircraft shading systems and associated electronics.

According to Brent Wright, PPG Global Business Director for Aerospace Transparencies, PPG’s ability to provide its customers with innovative solutions for managing window light and heat transmission is enhanced with Vision Systems’ product.

“PPG is excited to work with Vision Systems to create new applications for a product that provides unique performance characteristics,” Wright said. “As a pioneer in the electrochromic window segment, PPG recognized the added value offered by Vision Systems to the standard dimmable film technology, especially with the interface that makes its system work.”

Vision Systems’ dimmable window solutions offer instant response time for changing light transmittance and have no size limitations relative to aircraft transparency applications. The dimmable windows can be controlled individually by a seatside wired or wireless interface or cabinwide through the aircraft cabin window management system.

“As a result, we can develop applications for larger transparencies with flat or curved shapes as well as retrofit installations including with add-on panels,” Wright said.

Vision Systems developed its latest-generation Nuance V2 dimmable window through its Smart Lite division devoted to the design, production and sales of new electronically dimmable solutions. It is based on suspended particle device film technology licensed from Research Frontiers and an innovative Vision Systems interlayer that offers unprecedented optical quality with 2.5% haze, 100% clarity and 99.6% blockage of visible light with the ultra-dark version of the Nuance product.

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