March 27 2017  |  Trolleys & Galleys

Aft galley solution developed by Lufthansa Technik and Diehl Aerosystems

By Rick Lundstrom

Lufthansa Technik AG and Diehl Aerosystems will be presenting a newly developed cabin monument for the A320 family at next week’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

The "High-Density Solution" combines the aft galley and an accessibly designed dual lavatory facility in a single cabin element. The two companies have managed to save up to 150 kilograms and create space for a minimum of six additional passenger seats without a change in seat spacing. The addition will increase increasing the capacity of the A320 to 186 seats.

With the addition of a new video display system, it is possible for the first time to do without the cabin crew seat in the rear part of the cabin, which was previously required to ensure direct view. This expensive, difficult and maintenance-intensive installation can now be omitted completely.

Depending on the selected configuration, the High-Density Solution monument can hold up to 19 standard container and eight half-size trolleys in the galley area while still offering space for coffee brewers and ovens. USB ports for charging are also installed.

"This product enables a greatly improved utilization of the cabin with just a minimum amount of modification work," highlights Oliver Rodrigues, the sales manager responsible for High-Density Solution in the Aircraft Modification department at Lufthansa Technik. "That's why we are also offering the product in the form of a post-delivery modification right from the start."

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