February 10 2017  |  Seating

Recaro seat production passes 100K in '16

By Rick Lundstrom

Recaro's CL6710 will get smarter in 2017

Seat maker Recaro announced yesterday that during 2016 the company delivered more than 100,000 aircraft seats, which was record production for its four sites.

The company was tabulating exact figures, which will be available in May when its financial statements were finalized.

Recaro has made a number of investments in its sites. At the end of this year, it will open is 6,000 square meter logistics center built at a cost of €13.5 million. Last year, its Qingdao, China facility produced 10,000 seats. Recaro expects the output in China to double this year.

Recaro is moving ahead with its CL6710 “intelligent seat” that can digitally transmit operating status to cabin crew and ground staff. An app for the seat can be used by passengers for seat setting, inflight entertainment programming. Light and ventilation can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet. The company said several orders have been received for the CL6710 that will be first delivered this year.

The new 3530Swift economy class seat, developed together with Airbus as Supplier Furinished Equipment went to market in 2016. Recaro was able to book orders for more than 100 aircraft by mid-year. The first ship sets were delivered in the middle of July. Thanks to the predefined and precertified Airbus layouts, time-consuming, individual product approvals can be avoided.

“An outstanding year for Recaro and its employees has come to an end. New products, new customers and numerous new orders successfully drove business development in 2016. The full order books are ideally matched to the workforce and capacity expansion we have undertaken in recent years,” said Dr. Mark Hiller, Chief Executive Officer and Shareholder at Recaro Aircraft Seating, in yesterday’s announcement.


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