January 24 2017  |  Inflight Entertainment

Turkish Airlines enhances IFE accessibility

By Rick Lundstrom

Turkish Airlines’ inflight entertainment system now features a completely redesigned and improved user interface that makes the offered entertainment content and information services more enjoyable and easier to use.

The redesign is based on a study conducted by professional usability and user experience laboratories. The end result is an array of digital entertainment and information options.

Turkish Airlines has added category filtering for movies or ratings of TV shows and movies from well-known database IMDb (Internet Movie Database). Passengers can now quickly search all across movies, TV shows, music and games. In this context, Turkish Airlines’ selection of “Accessible Movies” that are dubbed or subtitled with special descriptions for visually or hearing-impaired passengers has also been extended to a total number of now 11 titles.

The improved 3D map provides more interactive and informative data as well as impressions about the current flight, including cockpit, right and left window views, virtual imagery with realistic 3D animations and descriptions of distance, altitude and geographical features. Also, a “Do not disturb” function allows passengers to specify to the cabin crew whether they do not want to be disturbed during the whole flight or just want to be awakened for the food service. Moreover, business class passengers will have an additional handset available that includes its own second screen. The can for example follow the flight status info on the handset’s display while watching a movie on their personal screen.

Turkish Airlines also started to research its eXPhone service on a 777 TC-LJJ aircraft with test flights in January. This service will enable passengers to access the Internet securely, read and answer e-mails and text messages or update social media profiles from their mobile devices. The eXPhone service, that is offered in close cooperation with Panasonic/AeroMobile, will be refined based on the feedback of passengers and cabin attendants and is scheduled to be deployed in additional aircrafts later this year.

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