December 2 2016  |  Seating

Tapis products picked for EnCore seating

By Rick Lundstrom

Tapis Ultraleather® in green

Tapis Corporation announced this week its Ultraleather® Promessa® by Ultrafabrics® have been selected as the standard synthetic leather for the LIFT 737 Tourist Class Seating.

LIFT by EnCore is a California-based manufacturer of aircraft seats. In April, LIFT announced the collaboration with Boeing for Tourist Class Seating. The first seat is designed for the 737.  

“Ultraleather’s Takumi construction provides a balance of comfort, quality, durability and weight, helping create the ultimate seating experience,” said a release from Tapis. “The product is manufactured using proprietary technology to create four-layer high performance fabric. This process does not use adhesives or bonding agents creating an extremely durable product and eliminating the risk of delamination."

Ultraleather can be engineered to achieve specific requirements for color, grain, finish and technical specification. Tapis can also adjust the material for gloss level, weight, breathability, and thickness. Ultraleather has ink and stain protection.

Promessa has been built for significant weight reduction; and is manufactured for heat and moisture management and ease of cleanliness. The company’s non-toxic process makes Promessa environmentally friendly and animal friendly and also allergy-free. 

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