September 27 2016  |  Inflight Entertainment

Destination videos added to JAL international flights

By Rick Lundstrom

Starting October 1, Japan Airlines will be adding three sightseeing short videos on select international flights.

Approximately 40 international routes will have the programming on the JAL in-flight entertainment system MAGIC-V and MAGIC-VI.

Enjoying Shochu in Miyazaki PrefecturesThe videos in will have English subtitles or voices and were developed by local governments. They are part of the New Japan project launched in September 2015 designed to support sustainable development of regional economies in cooperation with local government in Japan.

Videos about Akita Prefecture, Miyazaki Prefecture and Yamaguchi City make up the new programming.  Christmas in Yamaguchi city

“JAL will introduce beautiful scenery and history of various places to overseas customers through its in-flight entertainment service,” said a release from the airline.

The Akita Prefecture feature “Girls travel in Akita.” Subjects include summer and winter attractions and a trip to Namahage to see the folklore demons museum.

The Miyazaki Prefecture video will highlight the making of Honkaku Shochu.

The video of Yamaguchi City introduces the highlights of “The Christmas City” where the country celebrated the holiday for the first time.

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