May 17 2016  |  Seating

Recaro Aircraft Seating logs sales increase and new orders

By Rick Lundstrom

With turnover of €409 million (US$463 million) in 2015, Recaro saw a sales increase of more than 11%, which the seat manufacturer says is well above average market growth.

Recaro staff expanded by 5% in 2015. During the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, the manufacturer announced six large orders from around the world.

“On average, the aviation industry achieves five percent yearly growth. A high benchmark and one that we surpassed quite easily – which confirms that Recaro is on the right track both operationally and strategically,” says Dr. Mark Hiller, Chief Executive Officer and Shareholder at Recaro Aircraft Seating in an announcement of the group’s sales and activities this spring. “By the end of 2016, we will have experienced further growth. And we plan to exceed sales of 600 million euros by 2019.”Dr. Mark Hiller, CEO of Recaro

Recaro estimates the Asia-Pacific market will expand by some 14,330 new aircraft by 2034. Recaro identified this highly significant potential several years ago.

The company from Schwaebisch Hall in Germany has committed to an “Ingenious Design” philosophy composed of functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics. In February 2016, it was the recipient of the German Design Award in Gold for the CL3710 economy class seat, for which 18 patent applications have been registered. Ten percent of sales are reinvested in research and development every year.

Recaro's BL3710 Economy Class SeatAt the show, Recaro took in orders from Alaska Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air, Hainan Airlines, Air China and Singapore Airlines, as well as TAP Portugal.

“With all our success, we never lose sight of the future. Our goal is to surprise the market with exceptional new products again and again. At the Aircaft Interiors Expo, we achieved this with the BL3710, an innovation for the economy class in short-haul travel,” explains Hiller. Weighing in at 9.5 kilograms, it is the lightest seat in its class. Recaro developed a back rest for this new seat made of fiber composites. Its modular design can be efficiently adapted to any cabin environment, and its slim contour opens up an additional inch of legroom.

“The feedback at the AIX was extremely positive. And the seat’s very first customer, a European airline, is already looking forward to introducing it to its passengers,” confirms Hiller.


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