December 4 2015  |  Inflight Entertainment

digEcor lands first European customer for GLIDE embedded IFE solution

By Melissa Silva

digEcor has announced another customer for the GLIDE embedded IFE system with charter airline EuroAtlantic Airways, based in Lisbon, Portugal. EuroAtlantic will be flying the system in both Economy and Business class on three of the airline’s 767 aircraft.

In Business Class, the full-flat Thompson Vantage seat will house 15-inch touchscreens, as well as digEcor’s own 110 volt and 2.1A USB in-seat power with an outlet for every seat via a single seat box. In Economy Class, the offering includes 10-inch touchscreens and USB power at every seat manufactured by Acro Aircraft Seating.

The GLIDE seat-centric system comprises only three components and is very lightweight. Smart screens host hundreds of movies approved for early window content by all major studios and independent distributors, rich TV content, audio and games.

Cabin crew control the system via a cabin management terminal, which also interfaces with the major aircraft systems and enables offload of maintenance data and upload of content via a cellular network. Content can also be loaded by changing the master content drive in the cabin management terminal or via USB.

digEcor will also retrofit the Passenger Service System (PSS) in the seats and overhead passenger service unit using its innovative Universal Seat Box.

“This is an exciting program for us as it expands on our Integrated Flight Experience product range which now spans a wide range of screen sizes, power options and passenger amenities. We welcome Euro Atlantic to the digEcor community”, says David Withers, CEO of digEcor.

The GLIDE system was FAA certified earlier in 2015 and is currently flying with Air Transport International (ATI) who has installed digEcor’s 7-inch embedded touch screens with USB and PC power in their 757s.

“The GLIDE System’s simplicity, price and digEcor’s staff’s proactivity and flexibility to meet our needs during this project were compelling and we are delighted to be working with them to deliver something special for our customers,” said João Semedo, Head of Engineering at EuroAtlantic Airways.

The GLIDE seat-centric system is a leading component of digEcor’s Integrated Flight Experience, a low-cost, flexible solution for airlines to improve customer experiences across all areas of its inflight service including entertainment, power, lighting and crew and passenger connectivity.

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