September 9 2015  |  Inflight Entertainment

Lufthansa Technik develops new iPad concept for inflight entertainment

By Mary Jane Pittilla

The iPad bracket from Lufthansa Technik is mounted on seats in Qantas Airways' 717 aircraft

Lufthansa Technik and Qantas Airways have developed a new IFE concept that makes it possible to use a tablet via the seatback throughout the entire flight, rather than a fixed monitor.

After successfully completing all tests necessary for approval (including the HIC test for head injury criteria), Qantas has initially made the concept available in Business Class on its two class 717 fleet.

Working closely with aircraft seat manufacturer ZIM Flugsitz GmbH, the first stage was to develop a system enabling the device to be mounted in the seat. The mounting is also flexible enough to be used for other smartphones, tablets, e-readers and books. ZIM integrated Utility Shelf in the backrest of the seat.

The next step involved Lufthansa Technik and Qantas working together to develop the Personal Electronic Device (PED) case, a tablet enclosure that fulfils the requirements for flight approval. The iPads made available by Qantas for the duration of the flight, installed in the PED case, are snap-fitted into the utility shelf and can be used like a traditional monitor throughout the flight.

“This IFE concept provides passengers with the latest hardware for onboard entertainment at all stages of flight including taxi, take-off and landing, with wireless access to films, TV and music, whilst they still have their hands and tray tables free,” said Lufthansa Technik.

Airline customers can save on the extensive costs associated with the installation, maintenance and repair of fixed seat-back monitors, it added. The PED case can be retrofitted into any seat of any aircraft and can be modified to suit other manufacturers' tablets.

In addition to playing a key role in developing the product, Lufthansa Technik also integrates, installs, approves and maintains the latest communications solutions and modifications for the aircraft cabin.

In separate news, Lufthansa Technik will be exhibiting at the MRO Europe show in October 2015, showcasing a range of solutions designed to give its customers the edge in a highly competitive market.

“In our home region, we are underlining our role as reliable and cost-conscious partner for low-cost and legacy carriers of every fleet size and mix,” said the company.

In addition, three Lufthansa Technik executives will speak at the MRO Europe conference, which runs in parallel to the expo.

Carsten Wortmann, Corporate Product Manager, will speak on the theme of "Succeeding with Entry into Service,” focusing on the company’s products and services for the Airbus A350 XWB; Gerald Frielinghaus, Head of program Paperless Maintenance, will speak on "Driving Paper out of Aircraft Maintenance and Records Standardization"; and Dr. Aaron Scholz, of Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services, will address a workshop about "Preparing for Tomorrow's Supply Chain,” discussing best practices by industry leaders, as well as innovations in logistics that are driving change to meet tomorrow's supply chain demands.

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