August 5 2015  |  Trolleys & Galleys

Flightweight’s secure galley carts gain EASA certification

By Mary Jane Pittilla

Flightweight’s new range of secure, lightweight aviation galley carts has been certified airworthy and fit to fly by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) following The SmartCart from Lightweightextensive testing.

As of July, the U.K. company’s SmartCart now has full airworthiness certification to the following standards: ETSO C175, EASA CS25 amendment 15, Airbus Technical Specification 2520M1FO10200, Airbus directive ABD0031 and FAA Advisory Circular AC20-162.

“Flightweight was established for the sole purpose of providing the industry with an alternative to heavy, clunky, insecure and badly designed trolleys,” said Flightweight Chairman Malcolm Mathieson. “As such, our reliable carts are intuitive to use and 5 kilograms lighter than traditional models, meaning their application on just one aircraft could save hundreds of tonnes of kerosene per year, helping to generate huge cost savings.

“Beyond the headline cost savings, it is estimated that the airline industry loses £30 million each year to theft – and this figure doesn’t even account for damage. Our carts tackle this problem by using an innovative locking system that removes the need for insecure plastic seals while using intelligent technology to track every instance of opening. We are thrilled that the quality design and engineering of SmartCart has been acknowledged by EASA and look forward to seeing the carts improving safety in the air.”

Designed to be lightweight and strong, the 50 kilogram-rated SmartCart has a sophisticated security with intuitive operation.

SmartCart comes with the AirGuard 2 electronic security system to improve security and reduce instances of theft. Five-digit codes are used to create clone-proof seals every time a cart is accessed with a personal proximity card, which can identify more than 25,000 individual cabin crew and service staff. The system latches the cart from multiple points, meaning it is secure and helps to reduce instances of theft and tampering.

AirGuard 2 also enables users to trace access via electronic key cards so they can run off reports and see who accessed the cart, and when. Data is transmitted through cloud technology.

The modular, ergonomic construction around a central aluminium frame means panels can be repaired and replaced with ease and at a low cost, according to the firm.

Single and double standard size Atlas carts are available, with individual panels manufactured from lightweight, heat-resistant FibriRock. The FibriRock bio-sourced panels enable the SmartCart to be the lightest 50 kilogram-rated galley cart to pass the 21G certification.

Meanwhile, the ergonomic design and lightweight construction of the SmartCart is designed to reduce unnecessary bending and physical strain by crew, meaning they are less at risk of accidents and less likely to require time off work.

SmartCart is 100% recyclable (including electronic equipment through the Web Enabled Enquiry/WEE system), helping to reduce wastage and meet CSR targets. The cart also makes a significant contribution to carbon offset calculations thanks to its lightweight design, Flightweight said.

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