September 12 2013  |  Inflight Entertainment

IFE Services adds more GUE Tech games to offering

By Rick Lundstrom

Adrian Lambert, Marketing Director at IFE Services, left, and Max Lingua, CEO of GUE Tech shared a stand at this year's APEX 

Approximately 60 new games will be available for current and future inflight entertainment systems. Miami-based GUE Tech developed the games. For airlines investing in the new generation of Android platform IFE systems, passengers will be able to play Cut the Rope, Subway Surfer, Sky Safari, Myst and Shadowgun, among others on their iPads and Androids.

On current IFE system GUE Tech offers titles from the PC and gaming console platforms. Among the offering is Myst, Riven, Wasteland, Choplifter, Gothic and The Raven.

“With these new titles, GUE Tech is offering an unbeatable catalog of 220 IFE games for airlines wanting to introduce a top quality gaming package on-board or those wishing to upgrade their existing games package,” said a release from IFE Services.

GUE Tech is also looking into new game genres and interactive books. Among the customers for IFE Services and GUE Tech games is Singapore Airlines, which selected 15 games in May.

IFE Services has supplied Thomson Airways with movies, television programs, radio and music for more than five years. The airline will receive IFE Services content for its 767 and 787 fleet. IFE Services will manage the airline’s digital encoding and AVOD file management requirements and produce a printed entertainment guide. 

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