August 30 2013  |  Inflight Entertainment

IFE Services teams with SmartTray International

By Rick Lundstrom

One of a series of products from SmartTray International

IFE Services announced today a strategic partnership with SmartTray International LLC.

“We’re very pleased and excited to include SmartTray in our portfolio of solutions for our customers,” said Andy McEwan, CEO of IFE Services.  “SmartTray aligns perfectly with our focus to enhance the delivery of our world class in-flight entertainment.”

SmartTray proprietary platforms, SmartTray X1, X2 and X3, make using portable electronic devices in-flight easier. They are designed to help protect fragile devices from falling and breaking and enhance the traveler experience and make the cabin safer for passengers and in-flight crews.

“The combined offerings by IFE Services, a very strong global content provider and leading innovator in the world of in-flight entertainment and SmartTray’s revolutionary IFE platforms, make for a winning combination,” said Nick Pajic, Founder & CEO of SmartTray International LLC.

IFE Services in Cheshire, UK, works with a broad client-base worldwide with more than 50 airlines and cruise ship operators.

Earlier this month, SmartTray X2 was nominated by APEX for the Avion Award for Best Achievement in Technology. The 2013 winner will be announced at the upcoming APEX/IFSA 2013 EXPO.

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