February 28 2013  |  Inflight Entertainment

Lav cleaning system earns Austrian Airlines an environmental award

By Rick Lundstrom

Waliclean uses citric acid and warm water circulated under a vacuum through the waste water system of the aircraft. The rinse water can then be disposed of quickly and easily via the wastewater channel.

The invention, by Austrian technicians Klaus Banny and Robert Hartl, won the 2013 Environmental Prize of the City of Vienna

“Waliclean, is not just an environmentally-friendly alternative to previous methods, but also saves a huge amount of time and money. Waliclean has been used to clean toilets at Austrian Airlines since 2008,” said a release from Austrian Airlines.

 The Environmental Prize of the City of Vienna honors innovative ideas and projects designed to economize on the use of energy, waste and resources, as well as measures for building environmental awareness and the social aspects of sustainable business management.  

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