February 7 2013  |  Inflight Entertainment

Lantal to debut next-gen pneumatic seat and ‘eclectic’ textile collection at AIX

By Maryann Simson

The trend-watching experts at Lantal Textiles AG, leader in the design, production, and distribution of textiles and services for international aircraft, railway, bus, and cruise ship operators, has been hard at work in recent months, scouting the latest textures, colors and patterns to display at Aircraft Interiors Expo Hamburg, April 9-11.

“The essence of the trendscouting work is translated into four design and color realms for aircraft interiors. The result is the new Conceptual Forecast 2013 for seat cover fabrics, leathers, carpets, and curtains,” says a release from the company. “These realms are highly eclectic, ranging from boisterous and colorful to pastels that glow in the darkness, from counterpoints in natural and artificial colors to very calm and introverted hues with a subdued design vocabulary. “

Also in Hamburg, Lantal will launch a new and durable Polyamide Basic carpet, which the firm says will compliment an already successful range of wool/polyamide and Climatex® LifeguardFR™ fabrics for seat covers and weight-optimized wool carpet varieties. Furthermore, Lantal has readied a latest-generation aircraft seat with the adaptive PCS Pneumatic Comfort System it is famous for inventing.

“This will give visitors a first-hand impression of how totally relaxing it feels to sit, rest, and sleep on firmness-adjustable air-filled cushions,” said the release.

Recently, Lantal’s in-house laboratory was accredited to perform fire tests in aviation-typical setups to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard. The company is now in a position to carry out relevant flammability tests not only with its own products but also as a service to customers.

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