January 8 2013  |  Inflight Entertainment

Qantas tracks in flight entertainment popularity

By Maryann Simson

According to news.com.au, QANTAS has given customers more power over their inflight entertainment by letting them rate the films they watch on board.

The ratings system provides anonymous, daily statistics from both domestic and international aircraft, a Qantas spokesperson said. It allows the Qantas’ entertainment programmers to track all movies, TV programs and even CDs for popularity, which means fewer dud movies on board Qantas planes.

The top three films in December 2012 included The Bourne Legacy, The Dark Knight Rises and Robot and Frank, respectively. The top three of 2012 overall were Iron Lady (with a whopping 1.5 million views), Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Killer Elite.

“On average, customers watch about two to three movies on a long haul flight,” said Qantas Inflight Entertainment Executive Producer Michael Freedman. “The ability of our newer in-flight entertainment systems to report back what people are watching and listening to most, helps us keep improving the choices we offer.”

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