January 8 2013  |  Inflight Entertainment

Experts to participate in APEX/CEA discussion panel in Vegas

By Maryann Simson

Attendees view exhibits in the Central Hall of the 2012 International CES

APEX has teamed up with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) to present “Taking Flight: New Approaches to the Use of Consumer Electronics on Airplanes” at the 2013 international CES in Las Vegas, Nev. USA. The 2013 International CES will be 7 through 10 January, and the APEX/CEA panel discussion will take place on the afternoon of January 10, as part of the CES Innovation Policy Summit.

In response to consumer interest, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) last year formed a group of government and industry professionals to study existing laws pertaining to use of portable electronic devices onboard aircraft. The “Taking Flight” panel discussion will focus on how legislative developments in the United States could significantly change the inflight experience for the traveling public.

“The APEX panel session this year will be especially interesting, considering the U.S. government’s current review of policies related to personal electronic devices and air travel,” said Lauren Beneri, APEX director for programs and services. “Our panelists will offer a range of unique perspectives as they compare restrictions in the United States with regulations elsewhere.”

The talk will break down how restrictive policies have impacted the airline industry. Moderated by Jonathan Norris, executive director, APEX Media Platforms, the panel will cover such topics as innovation, passenger convenience and potential regional disadvantages resulting from current law. The panel will include Pal Bjordal, President and CEO of AeroMobile and Patrick Brannelly, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Product, Publishing, Digital and Events and Emirates Airlines, among other distinguished speakers.

For years, the United States has limited, and in some cases prohibited, use of certain devices inflight for fear of possible electronic interference and other safety concerns. 

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