October 26 2017  |  Amenities & Comfort

FORMIA develops overnight kit for Austrian Airlines

By Rachel Debling

Austrian Airlines passengers subject to unforeseen overnight stays will now be supplied a premium kit developed by FORMIA.

Each gender-focused kit features a two-tone pouch equipped with grooming essentials, laundry detergent, a Miradent dental care kit and Acca Kappa shower products scented with their signature White Moss fragrance. In addition, the male kit contains Acca Kappa shaving cream and a three-blade razor, while the female kit pampers the recipient with Acca Kappa body lotion and other useful items. 

“FORMIA understands the frustration of dealing with flight delays, and the inconvenience of an unexpected overnight stay,” says Roland Grohmann, CEO and Managing Partner of FORMIA, in today's release on the new kits. “We applaud Austrian Airlines for taking the extra step to reassure passengers that they care.” 


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