September 14 2017  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

LSG Group extends agreement with Alaska Airlines

By Rick Lundstrom

The LSG Group extended its system-wide contract with Alaska Airlines for another three years. The agreement covers 40 airports in the United States and Mexico with an average of 3,100 flights per week.

Alaska Airlines is a longstanding customer of the LSG Group that has grown significantly over the years. Since acquiring Virgin America in 2016, it has become the fifth-largest airline in the United States. The LSG Group manages the product design, equipment warehousing and distribution for both airlines. The company also provides all of the airlines’ shelf-stable boxes and the vast majority of their catering services.

“We have successfully positioned ourselves as an innovative business partner and are supporting AS and VX as they move forward with redesigning their airline by combining the two carriers,” said Dale Messling, LSG Group Key Account Manager AS, in today’s asnnouncement. “We look forward to further opportunities by offering our future-oriented concepts, which include our Retail inMotion solutions, continued support through SPIRIANT and our Oakfield Farms box solutions.”

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