April 10 2017  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

SPIRIANT collaborates with Audi Design

By Rick Lundstrom

In a prominent corner of LSG Group's stand at WTCE, the company showed the latest collaboration with Audi Industrial Design for a line of on-board service equipment.Grit Peschke, Textiles Engineer at SPIRIANT and SPIRIANT Managing Director Thomas Berti at the company's stand at WTCE

The result is three collections: Smart Comfort, Relax & Recharge and Dine & Delight.

“Based on their experience in future-oriented mobility, maximum comfort and progressive design, the experts from the two companies together looked into what the future requirements of passengers in the air and on the road are expected to be,” said a release from LSG Group.

Items in the collections include sleeping mask with slots for flat headphones (Smart Comfort), a thermal cape to prevent any neck or upper back pain (Relax & Recharge) and a modular tray system that can be configured in a variety of ways (Dine & Delight).

SPIRIANT and Audi's Thermo Cape designThe Audi Industrial Design and SPIRIANT products could also be used in the future in self-driving cars. “The well-being of passengers is not only essential on flights. This new way of driving will also allow car passengers to use their time to relax or work. That means that long-term, many of the products we designed can also be used in AUDI-cars," said André Georgi, Audi Industrial Design.

“Our airline customers are looking for innovative ways to differentiate themselves in order to attract premium passengers,“ said Daniel Knies, SPIRIANT’s Director Design and Products. “In addition to fulfilling comfort requirements, these new collections also responds to the increasing desire among consumers to take care of their health while traveling.“

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