October 11 2016  |  Catering

Chef Bob Rosar says goodbye to catering

By Rick Lundstrom

Gate Gourmet Senior Executive Chef Bob Rosar ended 40 plus years as an educator, a mentor, and a champion of culinary innovation and excellence, with his retirement on September.

He started with Marriott Corp.'s Inflite Services, shortly before joining Gate Gourmet in 1996.

“For 40 years, he has creatively kept us smiling,” said an announcement from Gate Gourmet.  “He once planted a couple of chefs in the audience of a culinary demonstration he was hosting and had them later jump on stage with mini fire extinguishers, just for a laugh. Another time, as the emcee for IFSA’s culinary competition, he had competing chefs walk a red carpet and sign glossy 8x10 photos for their ‘adoring fans’ in the audience. The list goes on.”

As Corporate Executive Chef at Gate Gourmet for many years, Chef Bob was responsible for menu design across North America. Most recently, he channeled energy into American Airline.s as Senior Executive Chef for that account.

To bid adios to his friends and colleagues, Chef Bob hosted a barbecue on his Texas ranch where he plans to spend his days looking back on his career, spending time with family and tending property, which includes a fine collection of parrots. 

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