September 9 2014  |  Catering

Finnair rolling out cabin product upgrades and mobile app this fall

By Rick Lundstrom

Finnair is launching this fall suite of product upgrades and developing a mobile application that provides, up-to-the-minute flight information and storing the passenger’s mobile boarding passes.

Long-haul flights, product upgrades coming in the fall include the Economy Comfort package featuring at least four inches of extra legroom, comfortable headrests, high-quality headphones and personal amenity kits. The Economy Class meal service is also being updated with an additional complimentary mid-flight snack on daytime flights, a new wine selection and complimentary sparkling wine.

Business Class will also soon include a new amenity kit. Throughout both Business and Economy, the inflight entertainment system is being redesigned with a fresher, more intuitive look and feel and a greater selection of movies, TV shows, newspapers, magazines and books.

On short-haul flights in Economy Class, Finnair will introduce Sky Bistro, a wider mix-and-match selection of seasonal foods and beverages combining the best tastes of Europe and Asia. Meals can be tailored in advance at or bought on board during the flight.

“Sky Bistro, which will be available on nearly all European flights, replaces the complimentary cold snack service that has been offered on some European flights lasting over two hours,” said a release from Finnair. “On all flights in all classes, coffee and tea remain complimentary – as does Finnair’s signature refreshment, blueberry juice. In Business Class, meals remain inclusive in the ticket price.”

Finnair’s mobile application, rolling out initially for Apple iOS devices in the fall and arriving on other mobile platforms later can be used to check in, select seats, purchase upgrades, receive relevant offers and check Finnair Plus point status.

“During the past year we have carried out detailed surveys of nearly 8,000 customers from our key markets in both Europe and Asia,” says Jarkko Konttinen, Finnair’s Vice President Marketing and Product Development. “With these product updates in tune with customer expectations and desires, we can support our core goal of growing Asian revenue and becoming a preferred airline in travel between Asia and Europe.”

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