February 25 2014  |  Catering

ANA to serve Halal-certified rice confectionery

By Hibah Noor

Starting March 1, selected ANA international flights will offer halal-certified arare Japanese confectionery.

ANA is planning to offer an expanded range of halal food from the second half of fiscal 2014.  ANA is introducing halal-certified Japanese rice cracker called arare.

Arare is a traditional type of Japanese confectionery made by roasting rice cakes cut into two or three cm pieces. An alternative method of preparation is to fry the rice cakes in oil. It is also vegetarian so it will also be offered on flights to India.

ANA is expanding its international route network, particularly through a significant increase from the end of this March in international destinations served from Haneda Airport. Arare will initially be served on flights from Narita to Jakarta, Delhi and Mumbai and on the Haneda-Jakarta route. ANA plans to expand the service to other routes based on the level of demand.

Senbei is another type of Japanese confectionery made from rice but in most cases it is made from ordinary rice rather than the glutinous rice used to make Arare.

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