January 10 2013  |  Catering

Toño Pérez developed meals now on Iberia

By Rick Lundstrom

In the first half of this year, master chef Toño Pérez designed meals will be served to Iberia’s Business Plus passengers.Toño Pérez

Pérez is from Spain’s western Estremadura region and is part of Iberia’s culinary committee. Other members are Paco Roncero head chef of La Terraza del Casino, Ramón Freixa of Madrid, and Dani García of the restaurant Calima.  Each of the chefs have two Michelin stars.

Born in Casar de Cáceres, Pérez owns the Atrio in the city of Cáceres. He previously worked at the Arzak restaurant in San Sebastian, the Jockey in Madrid, El Bulli in Rosas, and Bruneau in Brussels.

“He is a leading expert in the products derived from the Iberian black pig and other products native to his region,” said a release from Iberia. Pérez’ is also noted for his specialty, which is Estremaduran dishes.

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