January 24 2024  |  Tech & Hardware

KID-Systeme's GeniusPOWER Core gets listing in Airbus' BFE catalogue

By Robynne Trueman

GeniusSERIES power box from KID-Systeme

KID-Systeme has announced that its GeniusPOWER Core has been listed in the Airbus BFE Catalogue as a Potential Future Product. The future ISPS option for the A320 fleet allows passengers to access power via USB-C 60W in their seats with a lightweight power converter.

The dynamic cabin power management system is sustainable and reduces operating costs while elevating the passenger experience.

"GeniusPOWER enables brand new and innovative smart functionalities and is the smallest and lightest in-seat power system in the market,” said Holger Hoesmann, Product Management, KID-Systeme.

The GeniusPOWER Core product is part of KID-Systeme’s GeniusSERIES, an integrated product portfolio for the aircraft cabin. The various components work together, as part of a modular system, to improve connectivity, safety and comfort onboard.

The redesigned GeniusPOWER Core system maximizes efficiency by delivering 60W per port to passengers while carrying a low weight. The system consists of a power converter, master control unit and flexible USD outlets (called Genius PORTS).

In addition to the GeniusPOWER Core version available in the Airbus BFE catalogue, there is also a Smart version on the market with additional features, such as connecting GeniusLINK to cabin modules and sensors.

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