September 27 2023  |  Tech & Hardware

Adaptive uses AI to turn press articles into podcast content

By Alex Preston

Adaptive is making it easier for all passenger to enjoy press articles beyond the printed word thanks to press-to-podcast technology

Adaptive has released a Press-to-Podcast solution that utilises AI technology to convert traditional press articles from newspapers and magazines into podcast-style audio content.

This content is available in almost any language, delivered with faithful accents, intonations, and the option of multiple narrators.

Crucially, the Press-to-Podcast technology is of significant benefit for passengers with visual impairments, providing fluid access.

Key features of the technology include:

Multilingual Brilliance: Adaptive's advanced language processing capabilities empower the transformation of press articles into audio content in virtually any language, facilitating global access to information.
Immersive Narration: Experience articles with immersive listening as the technology infuses each reading with authentic accents, intonations, and voice characteristics that harmonize with audience preferences.
Diverse Voices: a wide range of voices to narrate articles is available, adding a personalized touch to the content consumption experience.

"Our mission has always been to assist airlines in providing the best digital press experience and revolutionizing how people engage with press content. With this pioneering technology, we are taking a significant step forward in realizing that vision,” said Laurent Safar, CEO of Adaptive on the eve of APEX/IFSA Expo in Long Beach, California, where the solution was demoed.

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