September 19 2023  |  Tech & Hardware

Spafax releases AdConnect advertising solution

By PAX Tech Magazine Staff, in Long Beach, California

AdConnect grants airlines the autonomy to present their digital inventories to specific approved agencies

Spafax has launched Spafax AdConnect, a new centralized marketplace, on the first day of APEX Expo in Long Beach, California.

Spafax AdConnect creates a comprehensive, self-service buying experience that closely resembles the programmatic buying systems most agencies are accustomed to but with the inherent brand security and controls that airlines demand.

Built on the robust foundations of Salesforce and AWS, Spafax AdConnect stands out with its distinctive offline functionality, catering to the unique needs of inflight advertisers. But inflight opportunities are just the beginning. A highlight of the platform is its ability to navigate the entire passenger journey with relevant and contextual opportunities. Spafax AdConnect aids agencies in pinpointing crucial moments, such as at home or time of booking, at the airport, on arrival or at the destination, and identifies channels such as airline websites, mobile apps, notifications, airport lounge screens and onboard IFE systems.

By granting airlines the autonomy to present their digital inventories to specific approved agencies, the platform assures exclusivity, helping them maintain authority over pricing and advertisers.

It also facilitates shorter lead times for ad campaigns by automating workflows, and it provides detailed reporting on financials for airlines, as well as and insight into campaign performance for brands and agencies.

Jean-Marc Thomas, Managing Director APAC at Spafax, commented on the launch: "With Spafax AdConnect, we've not just created a platform; we've envisioned a new horizon for inflight advertising. By integrating powerful tools and insights into one marketplace, we are offering airlines and agencies an unparalleled platform to drive meaningful engagements, even in traditionally offline settings. AdConnect is about taking inflight advertising into the future."

Features include:

  • Seamless Data Exchange: Efficient campaign data exchange via API and JSON interfaces, coupled with Tableau visualizations for easy comprehension.
  • Autonomy for Agencies: Ensuring a self-service experience, from ad creative integration to invoicing, while offering real-time campaign performance insights.
  • Control for Airlines: With offline ad solutions, controlled pricing structures, and brand safety assurance, airlines can efficiently monetize their digital spaces.
  • Help at Hand: Spafax Media Sales team is always available to assist and facilitate use of the platform.

For agencies, AdConnect delivers a hassle-free experience in purchasing airline digital ad spaces, offering varied inventory options with the security of IAB standard digital formats. It also provides advanced ad serving functionality, comprehensive live data and other tools that ensure campaigns resonate with the right audiences to drive maximum revenue and engagement.

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