May 16 2023  |  Tech & Hardware

Collins Aerospace named finalist for three Crystal Cabin Awards

By Reedah Hayder

The Collins InteliSence uses deep learning AI software and sensor technology to gather data

Collins Aerospace, a Raytheon Technologies business, has been selected as a finalist for three Crystal Cabin Awards for outstanding achievements in aircraft interior innovation. The Crystal Cabin Awards are the only international awards dedicated to recognizing excellence in aircraft interior design and technology.

The winners of the Crystal Cabin Awards will be announced across eight categories on June 6 in Hamburg, Germany, as part of the annual Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX). Collins has been nominated for three groundbreaking new technologies that aim to improve the customer experience for airline passengers.

One of the nominations is the Collins InteliSence™ intelligent cabin experience, which is an intuitive and integrated intelligence system that provides cabin crew and maintenance technicians with insights and predictions to improve airline operations and cabin service. By utilizing deep learning AI software and sensor technology, the system can observe passenger interactions with objects within the suite and communicate real-time data to service teams. This enables passengers to receive faster service and ensures faulty equipment is remedied promptly. Airlines are also able to optimize power usage, proactive maintenance and onboard provisioning for every flight.

The Collins Pothos™ cabin air ionizer is the second nomination, designed to enhance the air quality within an enclosed space by deodorizing it to levels that surpass natural outdoor conditions. This ionizer is compact and lightweight, making it easy to integrate into any cabin area. It is specially engineered to target specific problem areas where air recirculation and unpleasant odors are commonly encountered, resulting in a fresher-smelling cabin for passengers. The Pothos ionizer is intended to outperform other commercial solutions by being more efficient and longer-lasting. It works in conjunction with current aircraft cabin filtering to create a healthier environment for passengers.

The Collins Q-Tech is thermoplastic, allowing for airlines to easily recycle the product when needed

The third nomination is the Collins Q-Tech™ sound absorbing metamaterial, which offers an innovative solution to traditional honeycomb-core panels by enhancing overall sound absorption and broadening the range of frequencies that can be absorbed. Comprised of interconnected bulb arrays that are remarkably flexible, the Q-Tech sound absorbing metamaterial reduces noise transmission by a factor of ten compared to a standard double-wall panel. The material can be customized and positioned in numerous applications to alleviate specific noise issues, such as within headrests, sidewalls, seats, monuments, galley equipment, and air management systems. Moreover, the material is constructed from thermoplastic components, making operations more eco-friendly, and allowing for straightforward recycling at the time of replacement.

Collins has won 12 Crystal Cabin Awards in the past, with the most recent win coming in 2022 when the SpaceChiller™ thermoelectric cooling system took home first prize in the Passenger Comfort category.

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