October 27 2022  |  Tech & Hardware

Burrana power systems planned for Spanish airline

By Rick Lundstrom

Burrana announced this week that it has signed an agreement with Akkodis to provide its RISE Power system on two A330 aircraft for PlusUltra Airlines in Spain. This award is part of PlusUltra's recently announced fleet and cabin upgrade initiative.

The system configuration selected by PlusUltra will provide two dual USB-A jacks per triple seat group (a total of four USB-A jacks per triple seat), and one dual USB-A jack per double seat group (a total of 2 USB-A jacks per double seat). The configuration will allow passengers to power and charge Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) to ensure they have access to all in-flight Wi-Fi services for the duration of their flight.

“Our goal is to ensure that we provide our customers’ passengers with the best in-seat power system and guarantee high-quality aircraft engineering support through our approved Part 21J&G Design team within our Aircraft Support and Operation business,” said Mojca Svensek, Sales Director for Aircraft Support & Operations, at Akkodis in this week’s announcement. “Burrana is a clear choice, with their ultralightweight solution providing USB-A power ports on every seat in the aircraft, in a space-saving system architecture that does not compromise legroom or aircraft weight.”

Deliveries will begin in the fourth quarter of 2022 for retrofit installations on PlusUltra Airlines’ existing A330 fleet which will begin in early 2023. The A330s are equipped with the Geven Piuma seats and the installation will have no impact on the existing certification.

“Akkodis and Burrana both share a customer-first approach which includes a desire to innovate and the ability to fast-track products and services that improve the flying experience,” said David Pook, Vice President of Marketing and Sales Support at Burrana. “We’re excited that our game-changing in-seat power system has been adopted by PlusUltra Airlines to bring their passengers the lightest and fastest charging in-seat power architecture in the market today.”

The RISE power system was a winner in this week’s APEX Awards in Long Beach.

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