October 24 2022  |  Tech & Hardware

AERQ is bringing joy and value to journeys

By Mary Jane Pittilla

This is a special feature from PAX Tech's 2022 October APEX EXPO issue on page 21.

AERQ believes that enhancing the apps available onboard turns the cabin into a digital channel of the highest commercial importance

Airlines are increasingly identifying digitalization of the aircraft cabin as an opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors. One of the essential parts of the digital cabin experience is relevant and up-to-date apps. Until now, the integration of apps takes months or even years. This results in high costs for airlines that are dependent on their suppliers and the availability of physical test racks.

With AERENA, a cloud-based open software architecture, Hamburg-based AERQ is offering a solution that changes this and provides fast, easy and flexible app integration. Its ground infrastructure is based on cloud solutions, automated processes and a virtual test environment. AERENA allows instant onboarding of third parties. Airlines can choose applications, media content and graphical user interface (GUI) and create their onboard product easily and rapidly.

With one login only, airlines gain end-to-end control of their app management. They can pick and choose between apps from the entire AERENA platform to tailor the digital experience they are aiming for. With just a few clicks over a virtual preview, the experience of exploring apps gives airlines full transparency on the app’s performance and how it could contribute to their digital offering onboard. Airlines can test apps remotely in a virtual test environment from anywhere. This aims to reduce the time that airlines currently spend on testing apps on a physical test rack at the supplier’s facilities.

Substantial cost savings

Apps can be even optimized on a day-to-day basis. This superior deployment infrastructure allows updating new applications and media content onto the aircraft to happen in days, not months. This leads to substantial cost savings compared to incumbent media processing and integration costs, according to AERQ.

Beyond the technical innovation and full control over the digital cabin experience, the AERENA app integration enables significant commercial innovation. AERQ says that enhancing apps available onboard turns the cabin into a digital channel of the highest commercial importance. AERENA seeks to facilitate greater passenger engagement onboard the aircraft leading to a deeper understanding of passengers’ inflight behaviors and needs.

Airlines can then offer passengers the right content, products and experiences at the right time and thereby open new revenue opportunities for themselves and selected partners. “This truly differentiates an airline from its competitors and unfolds its digital potential to kickstart a global economy in the sky,” says the German firm.

Passengers benefit from a truly digital and personalized experience onboard. “AERENA fills the emotional gap of the passenger between start and landing by turning the time onboard even more valuable, productive and worthwhile. This way airlines will be more than a means of transport, but will bring meaning, joy and value to journeys across their fleets,” concludes AERQ.

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