December 2 2020  |  Tech & Hardware

​Etihad Airways partners with PressReader

By Rick Lundstrom

Etihad Airways is now working with PressReader, on a passenger media package that allows access 30 hours before flight time and unlocks more than 7,000 newspapers and magazines from 120 countries in more than 60 languages.

Through PressReader’s digital platform, passengers also access enhanced features such as offline reading, audio listening, and translation of publications into 21 languages for those who wish to read in their dialect of choice (including Arabic).

“As part of our commitment to reducing the spread of COVID-19, we removed high-touch surfaces including printed newspapers and magazines from the customer journey and enhanced the experience by partnering with PressReader,” noted Terry Daly, Executive Director Guest Experience, Brand and Marketing, Etihad Aviation Group, in a November 30 release. “To encourage a contactless experience, this new partnership gives our guests choice and convenience to download as many digital publications as they would like, before their flight, to read at home, across our lounges, at the airport, or during their flight.”

The switch was motivated by Etihad's wish to offer the widest selection of choice and best reading experience to their passengers while moving to 100 percent digital.

“We’re thrilled to bring quality publications to Etihad travelers wherever their journey takes them. With the largest selection of publications globally to choose from, we’re personalizing the guest experience with relevant content. With our solution, that’s possible not just in-flight, but also before and after, in the safest possible way. Etihad is known for its high-quality inflight entertainment and customer experience, and we’re honored to connect their guests with the widest selection of newspapers and magazines, to delight even the most discerning reader,” noted Alex Kroogman, CEO, PressReader Group of Companies.

To browse PressReader’s catalog and start searching for favorite titles, passengers need to download the Etihad Airways mobile app to their device before their flight or click the PressReader link in their check-in reminder email. Every downloaded issue is free to keep to be read anywhere, any time.

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