January 25 2018  |  Tech & Hardware

Two more airlines opt for AirFi

By Rachel Debling

AirFi's box (left) and its onboard revenue capabilities in action (right)

AirFi is expanding further into the Middle East and North Africa thanks to a new deal with a to-be-announced catering company and two new airline clients. Fifty international clients with a total of 650 aircraft worldwide will be equipped with AirFi's technologies.

Further details will be available as AirFi's services go live.

“Welcoming two new larger fleet operators into the AirFi client family and tripling the AirFi-enabled fleet at one of our longest-standing airline customers represents a hugely exciting opportunity for us and the level of confidence our clients have in our technologies and capabilities," AirFi CEO Job Heimerikx said in a January 23 release. "We are already seeing a high level of interest in our simple but elegant aircraft-powered alternative to using the 24-hour battery power, so AirFi Boxes remain classified as carry-on equipment, but can stay onboard instead of rotating daily with the catering bar sets." Heimerikx went on to say in the same statement that the catering deal showcases how "robust and adaptable" AirFi's technology is.

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