January 19 2018  |  Tech & Hardware

Guestlogix to bring new revenue solutions to AIME next week

By Rick Lundstrom

Officials from Canada-based Guestlogix will be making their way to Dubai January 23 and 24 for the Inflight Dubai Workshop as the company enters the year with new retail solutions and a new approach to reaching customers around the world.

“Traditionally, Guestlogix has been viewed as a hardware provider,” Mike Abramsky, the new CEO of Guestlogix, told PAX International late last year. “But now we are a pure software provider and we are hardware and connectivity agnostic.”

Guestlogix CEO Mike Abramsky

The company has been following the trend of airlines providing inflight entertainment and connectivity to passengers through their own devices. Guestlogix has developed solutions that are designed to help airlines increase the ancillary revenue of their for-sale products and to help flight attendants transform onboard purchasing by increasing sales and uncovering new revenue streams. Both products made their debut at last year’s Airline Passenger Experience Association event in Long Beach.

Giving airlines the ability to maintain an open product catalog, the Guestlogix platform offers the chance to sell not just food and beverages but seat upgrades and destination activities and other products. Passengers can also pre-order meal service, view special offers, manage loyalty earning and spending, and track the status of their orders.

The Guestlogix mobile passenger app

The second part of the solution is in the hands of the cabin crew. With the flight attendant mobile app, an aircraft's crew can use any mobile device. With a single touch, crew can review passenger orders and pre-orders are taken and inventory monitored. A learning algorithm helps airlines intelligently stock inventory and gives them the ability to mine the onslaught of data generated by passengers on every step of their experience.

Abramsky said airlines encounter challenges in driving more ancillary revenue when the data they collect is sectioned off and “siloed," making it difficult for carriers to leverage and gain insight on their passenger’s preferences and habits. Also, flight attendants are time-limited, losing their ability to make sales when faced with full cabins and many demands.

“Flight attendants are the face of an airline and they need a direct channel to manage customer orders quickly and easily while boosting sales,” said a fall release from Guestlogix. “The flight attendant app enables that inflight efficiency and makes the entire travel experience more enjoyable, satisfying and profitable.”

Abramsky said the company has so far received “tremendous feedback” on its new approach and ancillary-revenue products, and that the company is continuing its rebuilding phase in 2018 with a “robust multi-year roadmap.” Shortly after APEX, Guestlogix collaborated on a white paper authored by Dr. Gary Edwards of Golfdale Consulting which concluded that passengers often experience “learned helplessness” that leads to dread and surrender during their time from check-in to gate. In the paper, Edwards stressed that answers to travel dilemmas lie in providing passengers with ways to personalize trips, use self-tracking capabilities, receive empathetic responses from the airline and, importantly, positive distraction through digital entertainment and retail shopping.