May 21 2024  |  Screens & Devices

PXCom to unveil SkyVerse at AIX

By PAX Tech Magazine Staff

PXCom's SkyVerse IFEC solution 

PXCom is set to unveil SkyVerse, its latest IFEC platform at the highly anticipated Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) 2024 in Hamburg. SkyVerse is a software solution dedicated to wireless IFE and Inflight Connectivity. It also acts as an upgrade to SKyView, the PXCom seatback screen solution, enhancing affordability and functionality.

SkyVerse is designed to elevate the passenger experience with an AI-based Graphic User Interface (GUI).

When the passenger connects to the portal, they engage with a chatbot who can personalize their digital experience. PXCom will be running a limited demo (which includes onboard video offerings and destination point-of-interest recommendations) of the chatbot at its booth in Hamburg.

The chatbot’s GUI is responsive and adaptive, adjusting based on passenger interactions.

“Personalization of the passenger experience has always been at the heart of PXCom strategy,” says Cyril JEAN, CEO of PXCom. ”We started our journey 10 years ago with destination-based content management, primarily for advertising purposes, from where we extended to all possible content, like the onboard meals menus that are both class- and flight-related. We are proud to achieve this strategic milestone that brings personalization both in real-time and to the passenger level. Now it is all about AI-engine training and hardware capabilities.”

The AI-empowered SkyVerse is currently installed on a Dell Precision server in partnership with Dell Inc. An airborne version of the server is scheduled to come into play once Neuron finalizes the roll-out with select IFEC hardware providers.

PXCom’s AI team is working with the airline marketing team, organizing automated AI training sessions to provide SkyVerse with actual metadata. As long as the passenger accepts to be identified at the portal connection via their seat number, this strategy ensures that the recommended content and advertising are targeted at that individual.

“Since we are only talking about metadata transfers to the aircraft, such operation can be done via 4G a few minutes before boarding,” said JEAN. “This operation can be done directly from PXCom’s cloud-based server, or even via crew’ smart ePOS, directly within the passenger manifest.”

The platform also self-builds its intelligence the more it interacts with passengers and observes human behaviour. This result is wider engagement with passengers while deepening an airline’s understanding of its passengers’ interests.

PXCom will be exhibiting at booth 3C40A in Hamburg and invites attendees to experience SKyVerse at AIX 2024.

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