June 21 2023  |  Screens & Devices

De Havilland Canada to offer Bluebox Blueview on Dash 8-400 aircraft

By Alex Preston

De Havilland Canada has selected Bluebox's Blueview to deliver wireless streaming to Dash 8-400 operators

De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited (De Havilland Canada) is to offer Bluebox's Blueview digital services platform as a new solution on Dash 8-400 aircraft.

Blueview, deployed on the Bluebox Wow wireless streaming system, can be offered as a new discrete service on the turboprops or as a way of extending a digital passenger experience available on other aircraft in an airline’s fleet to passengers on Dash 8-400 aircraft, ensuring a consistent fleet-wide passenger experience. The feature-rich Blueview platform allows Dash 8-400 operators to earn ancillary revenue whilst they engage and entertain their passengers with digital services such as onboard retail and in-flight entertainment, delivered wirelessly to passengers’ own devices.

"We’re excited to add Blueview and Bluebox Wow to our Fleet Solutions Catalogue and to be working together to offer digital passenger experiences to Dash 8-400 operators globally, demonstrating our commitment to offering our customers innovative solutions and ensuring their passengers have the best possible in-flight experience," said Jean-Philippe Côté, Vice-President Programs and Business Improvement, De Havilland Canada in a June 21 press release. "By partnering with Bluebox, a digital passenger experience is added to the options available to our team as they support retrofit opportunities around the world. And by providing a Service Bulletin and certification, we are able to shorten not only the engineering timescales, but the time to market for operators to benefit from delivering digital services into the hands of their passengers as well."

"Partnering with De Havilland Canada will help us bring the digital cabin to more airlines and more passengers worldwide, just as we’ve done by deploying our solutions on Dash 8-400 fleets for ANA and Air Inuit – enabling a digital in-flight experience for passengers on regional routes served by the turboprops," added Paul Rayson, Business Development Director, Bluebox in the same release. "Now, with De Havilland Canada actively supporting the engineering and certification of the installation of our Bluebox Wow hardware, all operators of Dash 8-400 aircraft will find the deployment process even simpler and faster. This new partnership is a testament to our commitment to offering the benefits of a digital in-flight experience to passengers in any cabin and operators of any business model and route network."

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