April 14 2022  |  People

AERQ makes change in management

By Jayson Koblun

Louis Pak and Arnd Kikker, Managing Directors of AERQ, thank Sang Soo Lee for his contributions to AERQ

AERQ announced that the joint venture between LG Electronics and Lufthansa Technik had a change in the management. Son Yob (Louis) Pak from LG Electronics succeeds Sang Soo Lee who will take on another role within LG.

Together with Arnd Kikker from Lufthansa Technik, Pak will help AERQ digitize its aircraft cabin.

“I am very excited to be named Co-Managing Director at AERQ," said Pak in an April 14 press release. “The joint venture was created by the insight and innovative thinking about the digital cabin experience of its founders. I look forward to shaping the future with the achievements so far and especially the people working here who dedicate themselves to an optimized passenger experience onboard an airline’s fleet.”

The change in the management has been implemented through a planned transition to push forward AERQ’s goals in 2022, such as incorporating digital behaviour and trends into its aircraft.

“We like to express our gratitude to Sang Soo for his contributions. He was part from the very beginning in 2016 when the idea of creating the joint venture AERQ surfaced,” said Kikker.

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