March 28 2024  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

Tuned Global partners with Spafax for inflight music

By Robynne Trueman

Tuned Global and Spafax are making it easier for airlines to add pre-cleared music to IFE playlists

B2B music and streaming platform Tuned Global has partnered with Spafax to power music playlists in IFE systems.

“Our music backend technology has been used in multiple industries, but providing music to airlines is an exciting use case for our music and streaming platform,” said Con Raso, Managing Director of Tuned Global. “This opens new doors for us and the music industry, as we’re working with a leading expert in inflight entertainment like Spafax that speaks the same language as the airline companies, understands their challenges and has the plug-and-play technology in place.”

Delivering the music passengers want seamlessly and legally will now be easier for Spafax airline clients with Tuned Global advanced playlisting tools, to create a unique audio experience tailored to each airline’s brand.

Tuned Global provides music-as-a-service and a content management tool for curators to generate playlists from a fully cleared music catalog. Spafax will benefit from Tuned Global’s integration with Crunch Digital, a music rights management and reporting company, which facilitates the verification of titles available for use under Spafax’s and airlines’ existing music licenses with record labels and publishers, the March 28 press release said.

Together, Tuned Global and Crunch Digital offer a unified music ecosystem that will allow Spafax’s music programmers and clients to choose from fully updated and licensed catalogs without any additional research or uncertainty.

“Tuned Global's great music backend solution simplifies the flow between the record label and the airline,” said Maura Chacko, SVP of Content Experience at Spafax. “We’ve used other content management systems in the past, and Tuned Global’s is by far the best, according to our music curators and our clients. It’s not only very user-friendly, but it’s also more inspiring for curators as it provides great music suggestions.”

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