February 6 2024  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

Omnevo and Icelandair announce ePOS collaboration

By PAX Tech Magazine Staff

Icelandair staff onboard

Omnevo has announced a successful collaboration with Icelandair to deploy an Electronic Point of Sale (ePOS) system. This partnership between the parties demonstrates a commitment to advancing the digitalization of airline operations and elevating the passenger experience, the press release said.

The onboard ePOS devices offer features that will improve the operational efficiency, customer service and sustainability goals for Icelandair.

"Working closely with Icelandair on this transformative initiative has been a rewarding experience for the Omnevo team,” said Peter Coelho, Chief Operating Officer at Omnevo. “Our goal is to empower airlines with advanced digital solutions that streamline operations and elevate the passenger experience. The success of this collaboration marks a significant milestone in our mission to drive innovation within the aviation industry."

Enhanced connectivity is one key aspect of the integration with Omnevo. The ePOS devices communicate via Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth, providing a stable connection. Icelandair’s crew will also benefit from live information on inventory levels onboard for enhanced management and decision-making.

The integration also allows Icelandair to elevate its passenger services with combo options, loyalty payments and a seat-map for preordered meals. The collaboration with Omnevo also allows Icelandair passengers to pay onboard with loyalty points.

The ePOS device offers a built-in printer to cabin crew for inventory management and streamlining the inflight experience. There is also the opportunity to enhance back-end operational efficiency by eliminating manual pen and paper operations and replacing them with digital tablets. This is now available for catering staff to make loading changes up to three hours before departure.

"Pre-order and fresh item forecasting allow for efficient waste management, aligning with our commitment to sustainability. The collaborative efforts with Omnevo have not only improved our operations, our crew and passenger experience onboard but also contributes to our environmental initiative,” said Íris Anna Groeneweg, Manager Onboard Services and Procurement at Icelandair.

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