October 24 2023  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

Branchspace implements its Triplake platform in partnership with Oman Air

By Robynne Trueman

Passengers using the app on a mobile device

Branchspace and Oman Air have entered into a partnership to implement a new digital retailing platform for the airline. In a press release dated September 24, Branchspace said that the project includes a complete revamp of the airline’s mobile app and web portal, covering the end-to-end digital user experience and empowering data-driven dynamic retailing techniques.

The Triplake platform is a key part of Oman Air's ongoing digital transformation. The platform will be rolled out in phases with the goal of providing a user-friendly interface where passengers can browse, book and manage their trip itinerary with ease. According to the press release, the platform will also allow the airline to better respond to passenger expectations based on the observed data and patterns.

“We have built Triplake with the customer in mind. The whole Branchspace team is excited to be Oman Air’s true partner for its digital retailing journey,” said Ursula Silling, CEO at Branchspace. “Together we create better ways to plan, book and experience travel. Our platform also gives control and commercial agility out of the box to the Oman Air team to experiment, leverage data and realize innovative ideas in real time.”

David Turton, CTO at Branchspace, also said, “The Triplake digital commerce platform is the result of a multi-year initiative to reimagine the airline digital experience using state of the art technology and a focus on customer experience while providing flexibility for airlines to allow easy integrations and ability to adapt to fast changing environments.”

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