October 18 2023  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

PressReader brings The New York Times Group content exclusively onboard

By Alex Preston

Passengers will now be able to read digital content from the New York Times following an exclusive deal with PressReader

The New York Times Company and PressReader Group have announced a collaboration bringing digital news products and digital replica editions to hotels, airlines, cruise- and ferry lines, as well as non-US public libraries.

PressReader’s channel partners in more than 150 countries are now able to get access to not only The New York Times’s digital replica edition but also its digital “News” product — containing current and historical journalism dating back to 1851. Additionally, as part of the agreement, The New York Times Company will continue its decade-long collaboration with PressReader Group and its white-label tech platform Branded Editions — which is equipped with auto-translate, on-demand audio capabilities and additional accessibility features — for The New York Times, The International New York Times, and TimesDigest.

“We’re thrilled to expand our relationship with PressReader Group,” said Andy Wright, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Institutional Subscriptions at The New York Times Company in an October 4 statement. “At The New York Times, we believe great journalism has the power to make each reader’s life richer and more fulfilling, and all of society stronger and more just. This agreement allows us to increase access to our high-quality, original, independent journalism from anywhere in the world and connect with an even broader global audience.”

“For more than two decades, The New York Times has remained a top-requested title across our B2B sectors, a testament to their internationally acclaimed journalism. This enduring demand made it a natural choice for PressReader to forge such a partnership with The New York Times Company,” said Steve Chapman, Senior Vice President of Content Partnerships of PressReader Group of companies in an October 4 statement. “Our collaboration is a direct response to feedback from our readers. Whether they’re enjoying a relaxing moment while on vacation, indulging some free time while traveling for business, or simply in pursuit of knowledge in their local library, they can count on The New York Times’s thoughtful journalism, through PressReader and its partners.

“We are delighted to deepen our partnership with The New York Times Company, whose content helps people understand the world through its commitment to truth-seeking,” said Ruairí Doyle, CEO of PressReader Group of companies. “This partnership serves our mission to empower and enrich curious minds. Together, we are steadfastly committed to delivering top-notch journalism and an unparalleled reading experience to a worldwide and diverse audience, guaranteeing the continued excellence of reporting, and nurturing informed citizens in this digital age.”

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